Elizabeth Holmes tried to ‘flee’ US with one-way Mexico ticket, prosecutors say

New court filing says ex-Theranos founder booked flight departing 26 January last year, shortly after fraud conviction

The disgraced founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, made an “attempt to flee the country” by purchasing a one-way ticket to Mexico after she was found guilty on four counts of fraud last January, according to prosecutors.

In the new filing on Thursday, prosecutors said that “contrary to defendant’s assertion that she has a ‘flawless record with US Pretrial Services’ and claim that no evidence suggests she will flee while she pursues her appeal … the incentive to flee has never been higher and defendant has the means to act on that incentive.”

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RT @WhaleChart: Elizabeth Holmes tried to flee the country after conviction.

Posted on: 2023-02-01 19:08


Elizabeth Holmes Denied That She Tried To Flee To Mexico After Her Conviction #SmartNews https://t.co/cGkX1rsw7C

Posted on: 2023-01-31 21:16


@WilliamLiDC @greg_doucette @BobbyAllyn This was in question when he tried to send his AI attorney to court in the… https://t.co/K6GKIUJ4ak

Posted on: 2023-01-31 00:49


RT @RollingStone: Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes tried to leave the country after she was found guilty of fraud last year, according to…

Posted on: 2023-01-30 19:57


Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Tried to Flee US https://t.co/FHPgenzxDc

Posted on: 2023-01-30 16:22


This is how Elizabeth Holmes tried to justify the #Theranos scandal. Guess what happened to Theranos? #Adaniscam https://t.co/YgbhJnXLNt

Posted on: 2023-01-30 11:55


Just heard Elizabeth Holmes tried to flee to Mexico during her fraud trial. Very funny and audacious woman, I'll give her that.

Posted on: 2023-01-30 08:30


RT @ELLEmagazine: Elizabeth Holmes Allegedly Tried to Flee to Mexico After Her Fraud Conviction https://t.co/iNTeZ5zo8K

Posted on: 2023-01-29 12:06