England feared ‘unlimited liability’ on captains in dropping armband protest

Seven European countries abandoned diversity gestureFifa has banned OneLove armband during World Cup

England, Wales and five other European nations feared their captains would be exposed to “unlimited liability” and would have faced suspensions if they had defied Fifa’s banning of the pro-diversity OneLove armband during the World Cup.

Despite facing criticism for backing down after coming under pressure from Fifa, the English Football Association’s options were limited by concerns that the sporting sanctions for Harry Kane could have been worse than an instant booking if the captain had worn the armband against Iran. There were also fears that Gareth Southgate’s side could have been prevented from entering the field.

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England feared ‘unlimited liability’ on captains in dropping armband protest https://t.co/QvkMrR3nJz

Posted on: 2022-11-26 19:41


See, what you need to do is make those who impose the sanction look more ridiculous than the act for which the sanc… https://t.co/KvHLM508A2

Posted on: 2022-11-26 08:14


RT @guardian_sport: England feared ‘unlimited liability’ on captains at the Qatar World Cup before they dropped their pro-diversity OneLove…

Posted on: 2022-11-26 06:12


RT @Gravitate_Left: The scumbags running FIFA even said it's easier for them to deal w dictators. Why? Because they're fascists. https:/…

Posted on: 2022-11-25 21:00