Mystic Meg: Astrologer dies aged 80

The TV star, whose real name was Margaret Lake, was a well-known TV figure in the 1990s.

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@paulhutcheon How about “I’m not Mystic Meg” -with all due respect to the late astrologer

Posted on: 2023-03-26 21:06


It appears the forthcoming asteroid was spotted by Russell Grant or Mystic Meg, or #bbcnews don't know an Astrolo…

Posted on: 2023-03-25 13:31


Mystic Meg Lake: Remembering Britain’s Most Renowned Astrologer #kelvinmackenzie #astrology…

Posted on: 2023-03-23 12:05


I bet she never saw that coming! BBC News - Mystic Meg: Astrologer dies aged 80

Posted on: 2023-03-21 23:20