Rishi Sunak meets Emmanuel Macron over Channel migrant crossings – UK politics live

Latest updates: first such UK-France summit in five years will also tackle wider bilateral issues such as defence and Ukraine

As Emmanuel Macron prepares to welcomes Rishi Sunak to Paris’s Franco-British summit on Friday, the Élysée sees it as a “turning of the page” – the end of a nightmare chapter in cross-Channel relations, writes the Guardian’s France correspondent, Angelique Chrisafis.

The mood between France and the UK had in recent years plummeted to its worst state in decades with bitter rows over submarine contracts, fishing rights and who was to blame for the catastrophic deaths of people trying to reach the UK coast on small boats.

After several years of turbulence linked to Brexit, Paris and London are attempting to renew relations this Friday with a bilateral summit, the first in five years.

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