In-Site’s Mission

In-Site allows users to get to the heart of what is happening around the globe through seeing and interacting with all sides of the story. The project was started to enable future technologies based on artificial intelligence to understand how humanity truly sees the world around us.

Users- In-Site has been developed to be the go-to place for a global community to debate and discuss the topics of the day. Talking points or insights are collated at a rate of 10 every hour based on commonalities in reporting from the world’s major news outlets across the political spectrum. This is in order to remove political bias in the insight corpus. Many of the problems we experience in our lives as individuals – and on a macro scale as a society- have their origin in a lack of understanding and attention of others.

In our globalised world we have the ability to connect with thousands upon millions of people but modern tools have made it even harder to fully understand someone else’s views and find empathy with them. Only when we have a platform to bring together each unique take on what’s going on in the world and freely and safely discuss our opinions can we be fully informed as a collective and work together to improve things for all.

In a world full of conflicts, we need more than ever to connect more richly with others and understand how they are experiencing the world to help shape our own opinions. It is with this mission that In-Site has been created.

AI- The world is rapidly changing in a vast number of areas thanks to Ai. A key threat to the world in the future is artificial intelligence’s ability to develop it’s understanding and opinion of humanity based on the information it has available as part of it’s learning data. The landscape of the internet and metaverse currently is fragmented and polarised. In-Site intends to offer a genuinely biasless place where all sides of arguments concerning what’s going on in the world today can be represented equally and popular opinion can be genuinely found.

Feature Recommendations- In-Site is always open to feedback and recommendations for new improvements and potential features. Get in touch with us here:


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