Argentina vs Saudi Arabia LIVE: World Cup 2022 build-up and team news as Lionel Messi begins campaign

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia LIVE: World Cup 2022 build-up and team news as Lionel Messi begins campaign

Argentina begin their bid to help Lionel Messi lift the World Cup trophy as they face Saudi Arabia in Qatar

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@yahya_abiola @Postsubman Every other games started a little bit slow but Saudi Arabia Vs Argentina trabaye us! Tha…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 14:28


🇵🇱 Polonia llega a octavos como segunda del grupo C. Empate vs México (0-0) Victoria vs Arabia Saudí (2-0) Derro…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 14:00


@_FaridKhan @mufaddal_vohra Yes like Saudi Arabia vs Argentina ✍️

Posted on: 2022-12-04 13:50


RT @robthebookiesfc: On Zielinski tackles again, same reason as before more of a price play, he’s made 3 vs Mexico 0 vs Saudi Arabia, and 1…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 13:45


RT @robthebookiesfc: May not start but if he does this is a nice price for a full back who will most likely be up against Dembele. Franko…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 13:45


RT @laligafrauds: Even the penalty vs Saudi Arabia was dodgy. The goalkeeper already got the ball from the cross, Argentina had a 0% chance…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 13:41


Looking back at it, so glad Argentina lost that game vs Saudi Arabia

Posted on: 2022-12-04 13:40


RT @RoyNemer: This Argentina team should be very proud. A loss vs. Saudi Arabia, a turn around against an always difficult Mexico and a 2-0…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 13:22


Fixtures on day 11 of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 : 37. Australia 🇦🇺 vs Denmark 🇩🇰 38. Tunisia 🇹🇳 vs France 🇫🇷 39. P…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 13:22


World Cup 2022 Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia start time, betting odds, lines: Model picks, FIFA predictions, bets…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 12:30


RT @Stake: We have Poland 🇵🇱 vs Argentina 🇦🇷 & Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 vs Mexico 🇲🇽! Tell us who you think is going to win both matches, and we'll…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 12:21


RT @imfuraluc01: #FIFAWorldCup | RESULTS Poland 0-2 Argentina Mexico 2-1 Saudi Arabia STANDINGS: 1. Argentina 6 Pts 2. Poland 4 Pts…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 12:05


@MathewsNtanzi 1st game vs Saudi Arabia Argentina were trailing and there was a moment where Saudis defender was in…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 11:57


@FIFAWorldCup Saudi Arabia vs Argentina Serbia vs Cameroon

Posted on: 2022-12-04 11:43


@Bet9jaOfficial @Bet9jaofficial we have been predicting for days and we have not seen names of winners 🏆 announced…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 11:36


RT @David_Ornstein: Ahead of England vs USA in Al-Khor tonight, an electric atmosphere around Souq Waqif as fans of Argentina + Saudi Arabi…

Posted on: 2022-12-04 11:24