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Boris Johnson urges world leaders to hold firm on Ukraine

Boris Johnson has reiterated his warnings at the G7 summit about “Ukraine fatigue”, while insisting that he believes the gathering of world leaders will remain united on the issue.

In an interview with BBC News, Johnson said there had been concern about “the anxieties of other countries around the world about the continuing war, the effect on food prices, on energy prices”. He continued:

And what’s really struck me in the last couple of days has been the amazing consistency of our resolve, the continuing unity of the G7 – that has really shone through in the conversations.

I think there’s a reason for that. The logic of the position is still so clear – there is no deal that President Zelenskiy can really do. In those circumstances, the G7 supporters of Ukraine around the world have to continue to help the Ukrainians to rebuild their economy, to get their grain out. And of course, we have to help them to protect themselves. And that’s what we’re going to continue to do.

I think what the prime minister was really saying is he’s got a lot that he wants to do. There’s a lot going on in the world that he’s focused on, and he doesn’t want to get distracted by these sorts of discussions.

Yes, he’d like to go on and on. But to be honest, we also understand that we’ve got a lot of hurdles to clear before we get to that point.

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isototo login
1 year ago

Your article is insightful and informative. I appreciate the fresh perspective you bring to the topic and the practical advice you provide.

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syair hongkong
10 months ago

Thank you for the informative and helpful article! I appreciate how you presented the information clearly and concisely.

5 months ago

I agree with several of the points you made in this article and appreciate your perspective.