‘I don’t think I have done anything wrong’: Dominic Raab addresses bullying allegations

‘I don’t think I have done anything wrong’: Dominic Raab addresses bullying allegations

Dominic Raab insists he has “behaved professionally” throughout his political career amid multiple allegations of bullying.

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I dont hate myself. But I hate the things I do that I later think I was wrong. I hate not showing up. I hate that m… https://t.co/UDL3g5eTiw

Posted on: 2023-02-05 11:57


/ i actually dont know what to elaborate on--what do you guys think i should talk about? has adora done anything th… https://t.co/WIfa4JJT4I

Posted on: 2023-02-05 08:28


ok im done👍 i dont necessarily think timelapses are indicative of anything but theyre fun to watch so

Posted on: 2023-02-05 05:33


i will continue to shit talk that side i do not care i dont think any of them deserve peace after the months of bul… https://t.co/CiHZTURAxT

Posted on: 2023-02-05 04:10


@msssyv why did i think this was abt me for a second when i dont think ive done anything wrong im so silly

Posted on: 2023-02-05 03:36


@djkevlar I dont think hes DONE anything offensive... what would he be defending?

Posted on: 2023-02-05 03:06


RT @moriiyasu_: Hi! Since i think its tiresome to view my comms sheets from my carrd i try some animation with all the sample i already don…

Posted on: 2023-02-05 02:23


@catcrumbz YEAH i dont think theyve done anything wrong its just silly

Posted on: 2023-02-05 00:28


I dont think she's done anything for B unless her arm is being twisted and the world is watching. She's just been k… https://t.co/x8yMWOJjqB

Posted on: 2023-02-04 22:34


@fyoIaiz I…. Are you sure? I… i dont really feel like ive done anything without shidou…. Hes… hes always been there… https://t.co/fRgoV0Ea1T

Posted on: 2023-02-04 20:31


@anyujins i dont think i have done anything to warrant this reply 😐

Posted on: 2023-02-04 17:08


@NoEarmuffsJoe I understand why, but I dont think it's particularly similar at all. Bryan was someone who was cons… https://t.co/iDHSRusmrV

Posted on: 2023-02-04 16:53


@s33k4nddestroy I give you mad respect though, I dont think I've done anything harder than try to play guitar

Posted on: 2023-02-04 16:07


@CurtisDaly_ @tonyfarmery @m0nners @TheNewsAgents @jeremycorbyn @Baddiel @GlobalPlayer @lewis_goodall but curtis, t… https://t.co/mA1HkqtCIT

Posted on: 2023-02-03 23:30


@ToddMulliner @bsshaw @catturd2 Side note. I dont for a moment think the West would have done anything if RF took… https://t.co/9ktA2iEFDS

Posted on: 2023-02-03 23:26


@AlesiaMichelle yeah but those dance moves were sad to say the least, i dont see anything being done to it successf… https://t.co/K0ZtdS9JUZ

Posted on: 2023-02-03 22:06


@beef_dancingmad @LuLuC4Ever @wally_white3 @MySportsUpdate Lol come on, you’re a Carr stan 😂 I’m done. I mean I can… https://t.co/pM119nu3w3

Posted on: 2023-02-03 21:29


@cleptocowboy Dont worry. It never hurts and if you think about anything else in the process, you have it done

Posted on: 2023-02-03 18:57


@rogerhamilton @BreakTheToy @Hil_Davis @palella @SteveReinharz @ToddAultIII please join this group. Very informativ… https://t.co/38lt1h2kZs

Posted on: 2023-02-03 18:51


i dont think we should kill nonces just help the ones who havent done anything and then also help the rapists to be… https://t.co/DEfvIMkdHH

Posted on: 2023-02-03 14:55


Whoever manning KKM, gotta work and address the most important issues first la.. #HartalDoktokKontrak has been a wh… https://t.co/S2jGFAkX1C

Posted on: 2023-02-03 14:04


@TeamYouTube i dont think i have done anything wrong i feel like criminal without doing a crime

Posted on: 2023-02-03 11:39


@TeamYouTube @TeamYouTube My YouTube account has been deleted, I dont't think I 've done anything wrong, please reactivate my account

Posted on: 2023-02-03 11:35


@WMcCusker4 Tbh i dont think any Hearts side could have done anything on Wednesday Best ive seen Rangers play for a long long time

Posted on: 2023-02-03 11:22


@josepparseiola @packedrkid I dont think its a cop out when youre a well known person. He defo gets death threats o… https://t.co/eIYI5y2zEv

Posted on: 2023-02-03 09:30


@Wolfcrypto01 Always done but no one won anything by you!! I am allways fast and Do this Things what you want but n… https://t.co/kFmdCDlW7S

Posted on: 2023-02-03 07:41


@Maddss_BBL @ratbitebaby i cant forgive you on behalf of all femmes and afabs but i dont think youve ever done it t… https://t.co/pAp0K19wtR

Posted on: 2023-02-03 07:22


@TheQuartering Your post doesn't realy say much and it's kinda pointless to people who dont know what your on about… https://t.co/VYFeAi8dyi

Posted on: 2023-02-03 07:06


I still dont think arch has done anything wrong in task from 15 seasons same pattern has been followed if force has… https://t.co/vrBJjNG6Af

Posted on: 2023-02-03 05:51


@NoonaWeneeBebe Even if most of their fans have beef with mbbs and mx i still wish them the best, i dont stan crav!… https://t.co/h3ySfLCYwW

Posted on: 2023-02-03 05:26


some of yall think i did what yall think ive done 🤣 i lie online a lot and dont attach value to anything anyone sa… https://t.co/PEbXMaRwJp

Posted on: 2023-02-03 02:03


i never quit and i never surrender u wanna come at e fine but dont ecpect go sit there and cry and feel bad for mys… https://t.co/7a62FtL7a2

Posted on: 2023-02-03 00:35