Kwarteng throws UK on sacrificial altar of Trussonomics where only bankers win | John Crace

Chancellor maxes out with morally bankrupt budget that is anything but mini

Live updates: Kwasi Kwarteng announces mini-budget

Kwasi Kwarteng. What a guy! On Monday he put the fun into funeral with a few gags at Westminster Abbey. On Friday he puts the fizz into fiscal with an event – we would call it a budget were it not for the chancellor having gone out of his way to make sure the Office for Budget Responsibility couldn’t supply any figures to fact-check his economics – that was so high and wild we may never see another. To infinity and beyond! A mini-budget that was anything but mini.

Casino faith-based economics on which he’d bet the bank. The biggest tax giveaway – primarily to the rich – in 50 years while increasing government borrowing to record levels. Time was when Labour used to get it in the neck for uncosted public borrowing. That’s now so last month.

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