Train strikes: Cheaper to settle, minister admits

It would have cost the UK less if the disputes had been settled months ago, admits rail minister.

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1 month ago

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train tickets so much cheaper now strikes are off

Posted on: 2023-03-23 12:32


@EeHRN @ukgov @HM_Passport To be fair with the train strikes, easier & quicker (probably cheaper) to get to Belfast…

Posted on: 2023-03-21 15:44


@yshahar @neiljohnson1974 @CityWestminster Do you know how expensive it is to get to London on a train from another…

Posted on: 2023-03-20 08:52


@icedminttee oh i dropped crazy money to get to taiwan so this should be slightly cheaper (slightly) mmm depends…

Posted on: 2023-03-20 00:49